The complete set “Cloaca Maxima” by Vladimir Arsenijević will be available for sale starting from October 21.

“Cloaca Maxima” a tetralogy consisting of the novels “In the Hold” “You and I, Anđela,” “Towards the Border,” and “Spirits” by Vladimir Arsenijević, presents an exciting literary kaleidoscope of our reality spanning a whole three decades.

Receiving the NIN Award for the year 1994 for the novel “In the Hold” the then and still youngest recipient of this literary recognition announced a cycle of four volumes. After exactly three decades, he published the final book in this series – the novel “Spirits”.

Relentlessly, devotedly, and precisely, Arsenijević records his own precious testimony about a past that isn’t really the past, a testimony that, no matter how intimate, thanks to exceptional literary alchemy, also concerns all of us in this region.

The complete “Cloaca Maxima” can be found starting from Saturday, October 21, in all Delfi bookstores, Laguna reader clubs, the Delfi online bookstore, on the Laguna website, as well as at the Belgrade Book Fair, at Laguna’s and Delfi’s stands in Halls 1 and 4.