Vienna Coffee House Conversations with Vladimir Arsenijević

Vladimir Arsenijević, a writer and current fellow of IWM and ERSTE Foundation Europe’s Futures, as well as the program director of the KROKODIL Association, was featured in the latest episode of the Vienna Coffee House Conversations podcast hosted by Ivan Vejvoda. During the episode, Vladimir and Ivan delved into discussions[…]

Interview with Vladimir Arsenijević for Portal Novosti from Croatia

Vladimir Arsenijević presented his latest book “Duhovi” (Spirits) at this year’s Interliber in Zagreb. This book is the concluding part of the “Cloaca Maxima” tetralogy, which began with the novel “In the Hold” in 1994. In a conversation with Novosti from Croatia, Vladimir Arsenijević shares his insights into the similarities[…]

Directed public reading of the new play “Conspirators” by Vladimir Arsenijević and Igor Štiks is scheduled for December 15th at Atelje 212.

What happens when, defying all laws of space and time, Bogdan, Borka, Mirko, Sem, Predrag, Svetlana, Saša, Miroslav, Daša, and Danilo come together? And what is their connection to writers with surnames like Bogdanović, Pavićević, Kovač, Mehmedinović, Matvejević, Slapšak, Hemon, Krleža, Drndić, and Kiš? What conspiracy are they involved in?[…]

Another award for Asymmetry

The Sydney World Film Festival had a digital edition this year, and the best feature film award went to Asymmetry by Maša Nešković, as reported by the Film Center of Serbia. A double edition of the festival is planned for next year, at which all films from this year’s selection[…]

Promocija knjige “Ka granici” Vladimira Arsenijevića

Nedavno objavljeni roman “Ka granici”, treći deo ciklusa “Cloaca Maxima – sapunska opera”, ujedno je jedanaesta knjiga Vladimira Arsenijevića u spisateljskoj karijeri dugoj gotovo četvrt veka. O svom stvaralaštvu, o tome kako je nakon pune dve decenije vratiti se ostavljenoj književnoj građi, o odnosu forme i sadržaja, pitanjima savremenosti i[…]

The new edition of the composite novel “Predator”!

The new edition of the composite novel “Predator” originally published in 2008 will soon be out! I am afraid that the times completely justified its’ bleak vision of the world of heightened mobility and columns of political and economisal refugees and migrants which are crossing the globe in their eternal[…]

BOOK REVIEW: FLIGHT by Vladimir Arsenijević

Flying High and Falling Low: The Longevity of the Happiness of Love Book Review: Flight by Vladimir Arsenijevic (published by Algoritam, Zagreb) / by Dalibor Plečić I have long been awaiting that chance to grab hold of the last novel by Vladimir Arsenijevic, and that abstractly-defined time of waiting seemed[…]


The Month of Dying The New Yorker, January 15, 1996 P. 64 I. MY DRUG-DEALER WIFE. The narrator’s wife, Angela, when he first met her in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1990, had a fiance in a Switzerland prison. All her friends were drug-dealers and the narrator’s friends used their services. Angela[…]