Directed public reading of the new play “Conspirators” by Vladimir Arsenijević and Igor Štiks is scheduled for December 15th at Atelje 212.

What happens when, defying all laws of space and time, Bogdan, Borka, Mirko, Sem, Predrag, Svetlana, Saša, Miroslav, Daša, and Danilo come together? And what is their connection to writers with surnames like Bogdanović, Pavićević, Kovač, Mehmedinović, Matvejević, Slapšak, Hemon, Krleža, Drndić, and Kiš? What conspiracy are they involved in? What action are they calling us to?

The answers to these questions are provided by the authors of the dramatic text “Conspirators,” Vladimir Arsenijević and Igor Štiks, along with director Boris Liješević. A staged public reading will take place on Thursday, December 15th, at 8:30 PM on the “Petar Kralj” stage at Atelje 212. The performers of this dramatic text, alongside the authors and director, include actors Katarina Žutić, Dejan Dedić, and Marko Grabež. Admission is free, and tickets can be obtained at the Atelje 212 box office.

“Based on texts published in the Common Reading series, this exciting blend of voices, linguistic and artistic polyphony convincingly proves that, despite finding ourselves today divided into several different states, and many of us scattered, we are not strangers to each other. Because in literature, there are no passports and visas. The connections that exist among all of us, based on the common social ownership of language and vast literary heritage, are much stronger than the destructive forces that have produced more evil in the past few decades than we could ever imagine. “Conspirators” speaks of that evil and the conspiracy for a different, better future. Literature has a crucial place in it because imagination is more important to us today than ever before. Readers and spectators are invited to the adventure, or perhaps a better term would be the adventure of reading, discovering, understanding, and thinking. Those who speak, use, create, and breathe in a common language they belong to, wherever they are. This is a statement of the resilience of optimism and a firm belief that the ties on which the literary republic in the European South rests will continue to live on. Despite and against,” are the words of the authors of the dramatic play “Conspirators”, which is part of the Common Reading project initiated and led by the KROKODIL Association.